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Question: Who may have a baby at the birth center?
Answer: Women who are healthy without chronic health problems who are experiencing a normal, low-risk pregnancy, and desire a more natural experience in which they can help make decisions.

Question: Is it safe to have a baby at a birth center?
Answer: The National Birth Center Study II "demonstrates the safety of the midwifery-led birth center model of collaborative care as well as continued low obstetric intervention rates" ... Journal of Midwifery & Women's Health, 2013

The C-section rate for low-risk women giving birth in hospitals is approximately 25% versus 6% for those delivering in birthing centers in the United States. Journal of Midwifery & Women's Health, 2013

“Anyone who has ever seen a midwife with a woman in labor or been delivered by a midwife would never go back to a doctor.” - Dr. Terry L. Cole, a CA obstetrician, Every Baby Magazine, August 2004

Question: What happens in an emergency during labor or birth?
Answer: The nurse-midwives are highly qualified to effectively manage emergency situations associated with labor and birth. In the event of a situation that requires transfer to a hospital, or for those women with conditions that require a hospital birth, our midwives have hospital privileges in Lyons, KS. They will accompany the client to the hospital and usually be able to deliver the baby unless a C-Section is needed. We have collaborative arrangements with physicians in Sterling and Wichita, KS for complications. The patient will go by private vehicle or by ambulance to the facility appropriate for the emergency (Hutchinson, Lyons, or Wichita).

Question: Will insurance cover my birth?
Answer: BWHC accepts most major insurance companies including Blue Cross & Blue Shield and Medicaid. We are happy to accept self-pay clients as well.

Question: Is there pain medication available?
Answer: There is pain medication available if the client chooses that option. Our deep labor tubs are very helpful for pain management as well as the continuous support of the nurse-midwife.

Question: What kind of equipment do you have at the birth center?
Answer: We have equipment to monitor the baby’s heartbeat using a hand held Doppler, the routine medications used for babies, as well as medications for emergencies such as oxygen, equipment to resuscitate a baby and mother, intravenous fluids, and medications for bleeding.